Projects (Other than Computational Biology)

Outside of my dissertation research, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of engineering, science, programming and modeling projects. Here, you can browse a selection of them (clickable details coming soon):

Computing/Modeling & ML
Engineering & Bioengineering
Arts & Miscellaneous

Optical tweezers for non-contact manipulation of single cells
Artificial selection of fast reproducing yeast with microfluidics
Amateur handmade mirror telescope
Imaging software for low cost sickle cell diagnostics
EyeHelper: Assistive software for blind shopping and navigation
Otter: Newborn warmer compatible with phototherapy
PacManAI: Reinforcement learning algorithm that plays PacMan
Feature matching across images with SIFT
Computational 3D scene reconstruction from 2D images
Failure analysis of Zambian cast pots
Exopolysaccharide producing phototrophic bacterial communities
Motility inducing secondary mutations in E.coli knockouts
Biomechanical analysis of ultralight and standard hiking backpacks
3D scanner with Arduino
Ceramics & Pottery
RNNs and LSTMs for French <-> English machine translation
Graph neural networks for anti-cancer molecule classification
Line following robot with PID control
MCM Mathematical Modeling Contest: Modeling Syrian refuge